Concrete Cleaning and Sealing

Concrete cleaning and sealing are a way to maintain your concrete healthy, looking good, and adding much more durability for the long haul. Many times, there are water deposits, oil, efflorescent, dirt contamination on your concrete, bricks, tile. You tried to clean it (& sealed – you just sealed contamination!)) but it continues to appear after just a few weeks or a couple of days. This is due to increase build-up from within ground up the concrete.

There is different type of cleaners to take care each concrete situation, acidic or alkaline cleaners to start than we can move into cleaning oil stains, efflorescent build-ups, pet urine, dirt, you get the picture on how we clean your concrete, pavers, bricks, tile, natural stone such as travertine, marble, we make sure to know what needs to be done before treating your concrete. Once your hard surfaces are cleaned, we recommend sealing it. Cleaning and sealing your concrete should be done every 18 to 36 months to keep it in good looking condition. This varies depending on where you live, weather, sprinklers, pets, etc.

Before taking on a concrete staining assignment, we always clean your concrete to make sure it is set ready to stains to adhere properly. You can use water-based or acid stains, by using acid stains you need to neutralize it after it is stain but many skips (don’t know) this step and find themselves with other issues after staining once sealed. As far as the sealant to use after is water-based stained depends on what you like either is satin or gloss, penetrating or solvent sealers.

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